DCI Experts Join the NFT Tech Team

The NFT Tech team expands with four DCI professionals bringing invaluable industry expertise

The NFT Tech team is expanding! Four professionals from the Dutch Crypto Investors (DCI) – a collective of veteran cryptocurrency investors from the The Netherlands – are joining the executive advisory board and becoming advisors of NFT Tech.

The NFT market has been soaring in both value and trading volume. NFT Tech is launching the infrastructure that will bring the NFT market into its second major epoch. By launching the first matching engine designed for the NFT markets, NFT Tech will bring vastly more liquidity and efficiency to the NFT marketplace.

These DCI professionals have recognized the immense potential of NFT Tech and are committing to helping with the project’s development and delivery. Each of these professionals is a veteran in the cryptocurrency market and has invaluable expertise to bring to the table.

Hien Le

After initially investing in the Bitcoin market in 2013, Hien Le has experienced several market cycles. Several years later, Hien began allocating capital to the altcoin markets and became an expert at identifying the most disruptive digital asset projects that were addressing pressing problems. Hien was an early allocator to projects like Cardano, YFDAI, and Yearn Finance.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, Hien has several years of experience as a consultant. Hien has worked for one of the largest professional services firms in The Netherlands and has successfully transitioned this knowledge to assisting and investing in some of the most promising projects in crypto.

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Lam Nguyen

Lam Nguyen – AKA The Wolf of Saigon – is a co-founder of the DCI and has successfully brought together the most respected cryptocurrency investors in The Netherlands. Lam has had exposure to the inner workings of countless cryptocurrency startups and is an expert at allocating to high-potential projects in their early stages. 

Lam has access to a wide network of cryptocurrency professionals, and can help projects find the resources they need to bring their technology to its next major milestone. Before founding the DCI, Lam spent over 15 years working as a sales manager for one of the biggest mobile networks globally.

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Marc Kollmann

Marc Kollman is a fellow co-founder of the DCI. In addition to a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency industry and market, Marc is a highly respected UX designer with over a decade of experience working for high-end enterprises.

Marc has been acting as a Senior UX Designer at ADIDAS for roughly three years. Marc’s skills in UX design have helped transform the design of any cryptocurrency startups that he has worked with. UX is a critical component for success with any startup and it is particularly relevant for cryptocurrency startups where new projects must compete intensely for early adopters.


Artashes Sarkisjan

Artashes acts as Chief Marketing Officer at the DCI and will assist with the marketing efforts at NFT Tech. Artashes has been intensely researching and participating in the cryptocurrency market for over four years.

He is deeply familiar with what a project needs to do to reach a broader market of cryptocurrency users. Artashes will bring this expertise to the NFT Tech team to help them increase their brand presence globally.
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